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5 Metal Clay Stick Fan Necklace


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Turquoise Blue Magic Felt Ball Bracelet


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Wire Wrapped Beach & A Glass Freeform Bail


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Turquoise Donut Plus Chips


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"You've Got My Heart" pmc necklace


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Wire Bangle with Red Lampwork Beads #2


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Wedding Belles Felt Ball Necklace


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Wedding Belles Felt Ball Bracelet


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Bar With a Star


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Palest blue-green silk tassel and faceted bead necklace


Driftwood Designs - handcrafted jewelry, natural elements

My jewelry pieces are made with care and an attention to detail. Natural elements, such as rocks, sea glass and driftwood, are featured in many of them.
I hope you see something you like.
Thank you for shopping handmade.
P.S. All items are shipped in a gift box. I would be happy to post your purchase to someone else, at no additional charge. A personalized gift card can be enclosed. Leave info at checkout.

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