5 Metal Clay Stick Fan Necklace

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Product Description

5 sticks of metal clay, Precious Clay, or PMC, are strung on a 23 inch sterling silver chain.

PMC was developed in Mitsubishi, Japan. The clay is a soft patty with the texture of Play-Do. It has sterling silver granules embedded in a filler. It is molded, shaped or textured, allowed to dry and put in a kiln where the filler burns off. The finished product is 99% pure silver, with a higher silver content than sterling silver. The absence of the additional substances, like tin and copper, diminishes the likelihood of tarnish.

The sticks vary in length from 1-1/4 to 1-3/4 inches and are strung randomly. They are plain, without embellishment or texture.

The sticks appear clustered in my photos, but when worn, they spread apart to, giving a fan-like appearance.

This is a rather simple look and, so, compliments most outfits.

5 Metal Clay Stick Fan Necklace

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